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NYSE Events

One of the most exclusive and sought-after event spaces in New York City, the New York Stock Exchange has hosted world leaders, celebrities and business icons from all areas of the globe inside its iconic location at the center of global financial markets.

  • More than 37,000 square feet of elegant, private event space
  • 17 different event spaces
  • First-class accommodations up to 500 guests


Our event space, located in the heart of the New York Stock Exchange, is housed in the two floors directly above the iconic NYSE Trading Floor. The event space is the result of a recent two year renovation of the George Post designed building that was originally completed in 1903. Our exclusive rooms combine one of the most unique venues in the world with all of the state-of-the art technologies and amenities required to hold any type of meeting or event. The space is now refreshed with bright, art-lined corridors and every meeting room is singular and compelling. A new marble staircase connects the 6th and 7th floors, improving guests’ ability to discreetly move through the space.

The now two floor event venue was reconfigured and repurposed for enhanced use, still with sensitivity to the building’s archaeological layers. Key elements have been preserved in the building that initially included a double-height boardroom, executive offices, a restaurant and private social spaces for the trading community. Careful deliberation was taken to remove previous changes made to the space and return the floors to their original layout. Some of the rooms now bear the names found on the architect’s original drawings from 1901 and several still feature free standing coat trees that George Post designed.

Throughout the space you'll discover elements of the lineage of the NYSE, its issuers and the people who embodied the growth of the capital markets. The Bond Room, for example, has vintage, engraved certificates hanging along with David Hockney’s composite photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Clerk’s Room features a signed letter from Thomas Edison offering his version of an invention that transmits stock quotations rapidly, i.e., the stock ticker. Issuers can also access Siebert Hall, named after Muriel Siebert, which captures the under told story of the women of Wall Street and features several modern art installations. The large meeting space serves as the contemporary equivalent to the iconic Board Room and Freedom Hall.

The Board Room, the largest room in the building after the Trading Floor, is adorned with tall arches, richly ornamented walls and an enormous glass and iron skylight which embody the classical revival architecture of the building. The renovation merged the historic features of the room with multimedia capabilities to transform three of the arches into video screens and LED mats now backlight the skylight, which was covered over for security nearly a century ago. Access is through a private lobby on the 7th floor that features the Buttonwood Agreement. The document, signed on May 17, 1792, by twenty-four brokers laid the foundation that the current New York Stock Exchange is built on. Just passed the installation is 1792 - the restaurant serves high-end fare and available for exclusive use by issuers and their guests.

The space is now home to more than 1,000 events a year housing some of the world's most inspiring business leaders, celebrities, athletes, musicians and leaders.

Event Spaces

Please note this is only a sampling of rooms


“The NYSE truly knows how to celebrate strong brands. From the room setup to audio visual execution to special accommodations for our leaders and guests, the Allegion team always appreciates the NYSE’s contributions to the success of our events.”

- Dave Petratis, Chairman of the Board, President, & CEO of Allegion

“What an incredible day, a once in a lifetime experience! Two iconic companies – Levi’s and NYSE – partnering for maximum impact in bringing Levi’s to the market. NYSE provided best in class service, partnership, creativity, impact and scale. It was an absolutely thrilling moment in our long and storied history and one I was unbelievably grateful to be part of. Everyone on the trading floor was living in Levi’s! What could be better than that!?”

- Jen Sey, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Levi Strauss & Co

“Our IPO day was one of the most memorable events in our company’s 160-year history. Whether it was the experience we created for the 200+ guests we had on the trading floor or the flawless web cast of the bell ringing for colleagues in our offices, it was a day EQH employees won’t soon forget. I’m grateful to the NYSE team for their outstanding support and partnership every step along the way. We continue to leverage the NYSE venue for various receptions and every time is a seamless event in a truly unique environment.”

- Kathryn Ferrero, Chief Marketing Officer, AXA

Sustainability Efforts

The NYSE is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by implementing several energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable practices:

  • The NYSE invests time in educating employees on the importance of reusing beverage cups and has implemented a comprehensive recycling program visible throughout the building
  • Excess food is donated to NY Common Pantry (NYCP) located in Harlem. This food is then redistributed to individuals and families in need and is used in NYCP’s food pantry or their soup kitchen.
  • A biodegradable waste machine is utilized to break down food waste into water on a daily basis
  • The NYSE uses glass and aluminum in-house to effectively cut down on non-renewable resources and reduce our carbon footprint
  • The NYSE has converted light switches to occupancy sensor lighting which limits the amount of energy used by turning lights on automatically when someone enters a room and turning lights off soon after the last occupant has left the room
  • Recyclable vessels, utensils, and drinkware are used for outdoor activations and events instead of plastic
  • Bathrooms have been updated with motion detecting sinks and toilets to cut back on water waste

Space is reserved for exclusive use by our issuers

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