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Trading Information

Quarterly Bid/Ask Differentials

Client Management Tool

This fully interactive and secure web-based Client Management Tool (CMT) is available for input and management of trades. The CMT is a multi-functional tool that provides easy order entry, a summary dashboard, reporting tools and clearing functionality for reports. Its highly intuitive interface is built on the same architecture as ArcaVision. You can use your existing Arca CMT logon.

  • View, download, bust, replace and create Trade Reports going back 6 months
  • View, correct and re-submit rejected reports
  • Add and modify same day Trade Reports
  • Add and reverse previous day Trade Reports
  • Filter intraday activity by any report modifier, execution time, submission time, or party information
  • Summary dashboard provides point-and-click access to Excel exportable reports and previous day's activity by clearing type, Reg NMS modifiers, or revisions

NYSE Arca and NYSE American Options CMT User Request Form

Options Pre-Trade and Post-Trade Risk Controls

NYSE American Options and NYSE Arca Options (the "Exchanges") are committed to providing participants an efficient and transparent environment in which to trade options. Both markets offer functionality to help participants mitigate risk related to the trading environment.


  • Pre-Trade Reject Triggers
  • Trading Parameter Protections
  • Cancels and Takedowns
  • Activity-Based Risk Mitigation
  • Optional Connectivity Controls

Details are listed in the USER GUIDE below. Please note that this document is provided as a summary for reference purposes only. For specific details regarding the functioning of any NYSE American Options or NYSE Arca Options risk control mechanism, please refer to Exchange rules or contact an NYSE representative.

User Guide

CUBE Price Improvement Auction

Electronic price improvement auction mechanism for simple and complex paired orders of any size.

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