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When you’re ready to make the big move and share your vision with the world, we’ve got you covered. As the premiere partner for today’s corporate leaders, we make it our mission to provide everything you need to easily take your business public and maintain a healthy, publicly traded company - and that starts with the application process.

The four-step process for submitting an application to list at NYSE is outlined below. Once you complete and submit your application, a member of our NYSE listings team will review your information and get back to you within 14 business days. After your application is accepted, we’ll assign a dedicated listings specialist to your company who will help you walk through each step of the process to going public.

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Step 1

Choose Your Market

We offer several different markets designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes with all different issue types (stocks, bonds, ETPs, etc).

NYSE – the world’s listing venue for mid- and large-cap companies across all verticals

NYSE American – the leading global marketplace for small-cap companies

NYSE Arca – a highly liquid, fully electronic marketplace for ETPs

Step 2

Reserve Your Ticker Symbol

Choosing your ticker symbol is an initial step in the life of a public company. An issuer's symbol is unique and can reinforce branding initiatives.

NYSE, NYSE American and NYSE Arca use up to four-character symbols. The SEC's uniform system for the selection and reservation of securities trading symbols gives issuers on all participant exchanges the right to retain their symbols should they transfer to a new exchange.

Step 3

Submit Your Application

If this is your first time listing securities on NYSE, NYSE American or NYSE Arca, please contact us to get additional information about the process. We'll answer any questions you have, provide a confidential review of eligibility and help you identify the appropriate forms to file.

Step 4

Select Your Designated Market Maker (DMM)

Your DMM will facilitate price discovery for your stock during market opens, closes and during periods of substantial trading imbalances or instability. Once you contact our listings team about a DMM, we’ll send you a list of all eligible DMMs and their contact information.

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