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NYSE Liffe U.S. Announces New Records for mini MSCI Futures
-New Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Records in Volume and Open Interest
-YTD 2013 mini MSCI ADV up 54% with OI up 38% from 2012
-Traded Over 1.3 Million Contracts for the First Time in June

New York, July 1, 2013 – NYSE Liffe U.S., the innovative U.S. futures exchange of NYSE Euronext (NYX), today announced that it has again achieved new all-time records in trading volume and Open Interest across its highly successful mini MSCI futures franchise.  Continuing the record-setting pace established in 2012 and carried into 2013, the mini MSCI futures complex had its first-ever month of over 1 million contracts traded with a total of 1.3 million in June.  

Led by mini MSCI Emerging Markets (EM) and mini MSCI EAFE futures, average daily volume (ADV) in Q2 2013 for all MSCI-based products reached 32,000 contracts, up 59% from Q2 2012 and up 73% from the first half of 2012.  Further, both mini MSCI Emerging Markets and mini MSCI EAFE futures set all-time single day volume records of 119,036 and 63,131 contracts, respectively.  The mini MSCI complex traded over 100,000 contracts on five different occasions in June, with three consecutive days in excess of 150,000 contracts.  Mini MSCI Emerging Market futures reached a new record in monthly ADV with 50,767 contracts traded daily while Open Interest for mini MSCI futures contracts overall has also grown 38% from year-end 2012 and currently stands at 323,733. 

“We are thrilled to see our mini MSCI futures complex setting continual new records in volume and Open Interest, especially in the face of the recent volatility in global markets.  Led by futures on the MSCI Emerging Markets and MSCI EAFE indices, this record-setting June roll and substantial volume records demonstrate that the mini MSCI futures complex on NYSE Liffe U.S. has matured into global benchmark status,” said Tom Callahan, CEO, NYSE Liffe U.S.  “We are pleased to offer our global clients these liquid and transparent risk management tools at a time in the market when they need them most.”

Since the introduction of the Block trade at Index Close (BIC) facility in late 2011, NYSE Liffe U.S. has facilitated 936 transactions across its mini MSCI futures complex valued at more than $23.2 billion in notional value, highlighting the exchange’s effective response to the industry’s need for an efficient wholesale trading mechanism.  During Q2 2013 alone, a total of 315 BIC trades were executed on the exchange.

These new 2013 records represent the consistent development of the mini MSCI futures marketplace on NYSE Liffe U.S. driven by new customers, increased participation from European clients, strong proprietary order flow and continued BIC trading momentum.   NYSE Liffe U.S. signed its original license agreement with MSCI in 2009, which was extended to 2021 this year, to continue offering a broad suite of domestic and international index futures products built on a range of MSCI equity indices.   With more than 150,000 global equity indices calculated daily, MSCI indices are recognized and used by leading asset managers around the world.

For more information on mini MSCI index futures contracts please visit: and this Exchanges Blog post on the 25th Anniversary of MSCI Emerging Markets Indices.


About NYSE Liffe U.S.
A unit of NYSE Euronext, NYSE Liffe U.S. is a partnership with six leading market participants, Citadel Securities, DRW Ventures LLC (an affiliate of DRW Trading Group), GETCO, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS.  It is a global, multi-asset class futures exchange trading a diverse range of products, including the successful Eurodollar and U.S. Treasury interest rate products, a suite of MSCI-based futures, liquid precious metals contracts and contracts based on the DTCC GCF Repo IndexTM.  NYSE Liffe U.S. utilizes the proven LIFFE CONNECT® trading platform designed and maintained by NYSE Technologies that matched approximately 3.7 million contracts per day on the NYSE Liffe markets in Europe in 2012.  The exchange offers a wide range of global connectivity options allowing members to efficiently transact on the platform in a highly cost efficient manner.  For more information, please visit

NYSE Liffe U.S. was named 2012 ‘Exchange of the Year’ by Risk Magazine and its innovative DTCC GCF Repo Index® futures were awarded 2012 ‘New Contract of the Year’ for Interest Rates by Futures and Options Week (FOW) Magazine.

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