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NYSE Member Firms Report Second-Quarter 2012 Results

NEW YORK, August 28, 2012 -- New York Stock Exchange member firms that conduct business with the public reported a second-quarter 2012 after-tax profit slightly over $2.1 billion and revenues of approximately $37.0 billion, compared with a nearly $4.7 billion after-tax profit on revenues of about $42.0 billion in the first-quarter of 2012. Comparative financial results are reported in the table below:

Member Firms Dealing with the Public ($ in millions):

  2nd QTR 2012 2nd QTR 2011 1st QTR 2012
Revenue $37,070   $39,680   $42,039  
Expense $33,810   $36,420   $34,784  
After Tax Profit/Loss $2,119   $2,119   $4,716  
After Tax Annualized Return on Capital 3.1%   3.0%   7.0%  
Assets $4,129,590   $4,268,095   $4,136,786  
Capital and subordinated liabilities $269,279   $286,478 * $269,979  
Commission Revenues $5,612   $6,101   $6,005  
Firms 164   175   169  
Profitable Firms 92   110   116  
Aggregate PreTax Earnings of Profitable Firms $3,918   $4,032   $7,347  
Unprofitable Firms 72   65   53  
Aggregate PreTax Loss of Unprofitable Firms ($658)   ($772)   ($92) *

* Record level

Note: Data is from NYSE member firms that conduct business with the public. Revenues include firms that trade primarily for their own account, but excludes designated market makers (formerly known as specialists). All firms are registered broker-dealers with the SEC. Revenues are predominantly derived from investment banking, trading, commissions, and interest.  

Since the NYSE member firm community is composed of corporations and partnerships, after-tax earnings are presented on a pro-forma basis that assumes a corporate tax rate of 35 percent.

NYSE Member Firms Dealing with Public (Financial Summary) (pdf format)
Statement of Income (Loss) and Expense Unconsolidated (pdf format)
Statement of Financial Condition (pdf format)


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