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NYSE Technologies Provides Feed Handler for BATS Europe
NYSE Technologies, a world leader in market data management solutions, today announced connectivity to the BATS Europe market data feed.

The NYSE Technologies feed handlers for BATS Europe PITCH and FAST PITCH have been successfully used by customers for early member testing, allowing those participating to bed down integration to the new platform. For further information on the new feed handlers please contact us at

London-based BATS Europe is a pan-European multi-lateral trading facility modelled after its successful counterpart in the US equities market, BATS Exchange. The BATS Europe system, which utilizes the PITCH and FAST PITCH protocols for market data, launched on 31st October 2008 to provide trading in leading European equities. For more details on BATS Europe , visit 

The BATS Europe PITCH and FAST PITCH feed handlers are compatible with all market data platforms supported by NYSE Technologies and are the latest additions to the expanding Universal Feed Handler suite which offers  more than 160 sub-millisecond  feed handlers, covering  all geographies and asset classes.

A complete inventory of the Universal Feed Handler Suite, including the range of European and NYSE Euronext data feeds supported, is available on the web at: 

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