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NYSE Arca Tech 100 Index® Announces Change to Index Components
NEW YORKOctober 1, 2007 – NYSE Group Inc., today announced that the NYSE Arca Tech 100 Index® will replace one constituent in the index as a result of recent corporate actions.  The changes are effective as of market close on October 1, 2007 .

Leaving the Index:
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.                    (MXIM)


New constituent added to the Index:
Progress Software Corp                                 (PRGS)


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About NYSE Arca Tech 100 Index®
The NYSE Arca Tech Index® has been in existence since 1982, and is commonly referenced as a benchmark for the U.S. tech sector. This price weighted index is comprised of 100 listed and over-the-counter securities.   Companies from different industries that produce or deploy innovative technologies to conduct their business are considered for inclusion. Leading companies are selected from several industries, including computer hardware, software, semiconductors, telecommunications, data storage and processing, electronics and biotechnology. Modeled as a multi-industry technology index, the objective of the NYSE Arca Tech 100 Index is to provide a benchmark for measuring the performance of companies using technology innovation across a broad spectrum of industries.

The index is licensed to the NYSE Arca Tech 100 ETF, a series of the Ziegler Exchange Traded Trust, and is listed on NYSE Arca for trading.  Information about the ETF can be found here:

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About NYSE Group, Inc
NYSE Group, Inc. (NYSE:NYX) operates two securities exchanges: the New York Stock Exchange LLC (the “NYSE”) and NYSE Arca, Inc. (formerly known as the Pacific Exchange). NYSE Group is a leading provider of securities listing, trading and market data products and services. In 2006, on an average trading day, 2.3 billion shares, valued at $86.8 billion, were traded on the exchanges of the NYSE Group.

The NYSE is the world’s largest and most liquid cash equities exchange. The NYSE provides a reliable, orderly, liquid and efficient marketplace where investors buy and sell listed companies’ common stock and other securities.  On December 31, 2006 , the operating companies listed on the NYSE represented a total global market capitalization of $25.0 trillion.

NYSE Arca, Inc. operates the former ArcaEx ®, the first open, all-electronic stock exchange in the United States , which has a leading position in trading exchange-traded funds and exchange-listed securities. NYSE Arca, Inc. is also an exchange for trading equity options.  NYSE Arca, Inc.’s trading platforms provide customers with fast electronic execution and open, direct and anonymous market access.

NYSE Regulation, an independent not-for-profit subsidiary, regulates member organizations through the enforcement of marketplace rules and federal securities laws. NYSE Regulation also ensures that companies listed on the NYSE and NYSE Arca meet their financial and corporate governance listing standards.

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