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First new trading floor booths unveiled on March 1st.
Check back here for updated images as firms move in.

NYSE NextGen Trading Floor
Next Generation Floor Phase I

The New York Stock Exchange's Unique Market Model, Full Speed With A Safety Net

NYSE and NYSE Amex are the only equities markets that offer a rich combination of cutting edge, ultrafast technology with the volatility buffer of human judgment and accountability to create orderly opens and closes, lower volatility, deeper liquidity and improved prices.

Our expert Designated Market Makers (DMMs) add over 300 million shares of liquidity daily and are at the National Best Bid and Offer 33% of the time.*  We've also added Supplemental Liquidity Providers (SLPs) and equipped our Floor Brokers with new, algorithmic trading tools to create even more liquidity.

Today's NYSE is designed to maximize liquidity, encourage market activity and help participants trade larger orders more efficiently. High tech backed with high touch is just one more way the new NYSE helps traders realize the full potential of their exchanging world.

  • DMMs are at the center of the NYSE and NYSE Amex markets and are the only participants in any equities market who have true accountability for maintaining a fair and orderly market. DMMs serve as a buffer against market volatility, increase liquidity and are obligated to maintain a fair and orderly market.  The NYSE features both a physical auction convened by DMMs and a completely automated auction that includes algorithmic quotes from DMMs and other participants.
  • Trading Floor Brokers leverage their physical point-of sale-presence with information technologies and algorithmic tools to offer customers the benefits of flexibility, judgment, automation and anonymity with minimal market impact.
  • Supplemental Liquidity Providers, the newest component of the NYSE, are electronic, high-volume members off the trading floor who are incented to add liquidity on the NYSE, complementing that of other quote providers.  

* Data as of June 2009

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  Fact sheet on Trading in Shares (pdf)
  Fact sheet on NYSE Open and Closing Auctions  (pdf)
  Fact sheet on Parity and Priority (pdf)
  Fact sheet on Next Generation Market Model (pdf) 
  Fact sheet on Designated Market Makers (pdf)
 pdf Algorithms for NYSE Floor Brokers (pdf)
  NYSE Equities Quick Reference Guide (Order Types) (pdf)

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