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2013 Announcements on Suspensions

Issuer Name Symbol(s)


 Claymore Exchange-Traded Fund Trust  BSCD, BSJD  pdf Upcoming Suspension - Maturity - 12/31/2013 (pdf)  12/20/2013
 Credit Suisse AG  DOIL, UOIL  pdf Upcoming Suspension - Liquidation - 12/27/2013 (pdf)  12/13/2013
 Factor Capital Management  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspension--11/22/2013 (pdf)  11/11/2013
 Safety First Trust Series 2008-4  AHY  pdf Upcoming Suspension--10/10/2013 (pdf)  10/08/2013
 Bank of America  MLA  pdf Upcoming Suspension--09/27/2013 (pdf)  09/24/2013
 JPMorgan Chase & Co.  JFT  pdf Upcoming Suspension--10/10/2013 (pdf)  09/20/2013
 JPMorgan Chase & Co.  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspension--10/3/2013 (pdf)  09/20/2013
 Barclays Bank PLC  MFSA  pdf Upcoming Suspension--9/17/2013 (pdf)  09/11/2013
 Safety First Trust Series 2008-3  AHB  pdf Upcoming Suspension--9/12/2013 (pdf)  09/09/2013
 EGA Emerging Global Shares Trust  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspension--10/7/2013 (pdf)  09/06/2013
 iShares Trust  MUAB  pdf Upcoming Suspension--8/16/2013 (pdf)  08/14/2013
 Bank of America  MKF  pdf Upcoming Suspension--7/26/2013 (pdf)  07/24/2013
 Safety First Trust Series 2006-7  AMM  pdf Upcoming Suspension--7/11/2013 (pdf)  07/09/2013
 Claymore ETF Trust 2  RMB  pdf Upcoming Suspension--6/17/2013 (pdf)  06/11/2013
 AdvisorShares Trust  SSAM  pdf Upcoming Suspension--6/17/2013 (pdf)  06/11/2013
 UBS AG  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions-6/6/2013 (pdf)  05/31/2013
 Bank of America  MBL  pdf Upcoming Suspension--5/31/2013 (pdf)  05/29/2013
 First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund  FDV  pdf Name and Ticker Change/Delisting (pdf)  05/23/2013
 iShares Diversified Alternatives Trust  ALT  pdf Upcoming Suspension--5/29/2013 (pdf)  05/23/2013
 Safety First Trust Series 2006-5  AKN  pdf Upcoming Suspension--5/23/2013 (pdf)  05/21/2013
 Stream S&P Dynamic Roll Global Commodities  BNPC  pdf UPDATED:  Voluntary Delisting (pdf)  04/12/2013
 Claymore Exchange-Traded Fund Trust  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--3/18/2013 (pdf)  03/05/2013
 Rydex ETF Trust  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--3/18/2013 (pdf)  03/05/2013
 Pax World Funds Trust II  NASI  pdf Upcoming Suspension--3/14/2013 (pdf)  03/05/2013
 Credit Suisse AG  GWO  pdf Upcoming Suspension--2/26/2013 (pdf)  02/25/2013
 Bank of America  MQC  pdf Upcoming Suspension--2/25/2013 (pdf)  02/19/2013
 PowerShares Exchange-Traded Fund Trust II  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--2/27/2013 (pdf)  01/25/2013
 PowerShares Exchange-Traded Fund Trust  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--2/27/2013 (pdf)  01/25/2013
 Direxion Shares ETF Trust  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--1/22/2013 (pdf)   01/08/2013
 Barclays Bank PLC  BXDC  pdf Upcoming Suspension--1/11/2013 (pdf)  01/07/2013