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2010 Announcements on Mergers/Spin-offs/Changes

Issuer Name Symbol(s)


 SPDR Series Trust   Various  pdf SPDR Series Trust--Name and Ticker Changes  12/17/2010
 iShares Trust   FXI  pdf iShares Trust--Name Change (pdf)  12/15/2010
 ProShares Trust   Various  pdf ProShares Trust--Name Changes (pdf)  12/15/2010
 Barclays Bank PLC   VXX  pdf Barclays Bank PLC--Reverse Split of One ETN (pdf)  11/08/2010
 Barclays Bank PLC   XXV  pdf Barclays Bank PLC--Name Change (pdf)  09/28/2010
 iShares Trust   IGW  pdf iShares Trust--Name & Ticker Change/Delisting (pdf)  09/28/2010
 Claymore   Various  pdf Claymore ETF Trusts--Name Changes (pdf)  09/23/2010
 First Trust ETF II   FDD  pdf First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund II--Name Change (pdf)  09/22/2010
 Direxion ETF Shares Tr   Various  pdf Direxion ETF Shares Trust--Name and Index Changes (pdf)  09/16/2010
 iShares COMEX Gold   IAU  pdf iShares COMEX Gold Trust--Name Change (pdf)  09/14/2010

 EGA Emerging 

  Various  pdf Forward Stock Splits w/Due Bills; Ex Date 09/16/2010 (pdf)  09/09/2010
 iShares Trust   DSI, KLD  pdf iShares Trust--Name and Index Changes (pdf)  08/31/2010
 Pax World Funds Tr II   NASI  pdf Pax World Funds--Name and Index Change (pdf)  08/31/2010
 Claymore ETF Trust   STH  pdf Claymore ETF Trust--Ticker/Name/Index Change (pdf)  08/20/2010
 Evergreen Energy   EEE  pdf Evergreen Energy Inc--Reverse Split (pdf)  08/17/2010
 PowerShares ETF Tr 2   PHB  pdf PowerShares ETF Trust 2--Name/Index Change (pdf)  08/03/2010
 UBS AG   MLPL  pdf UBS AG--Issue Name Change (pdf)  07/27/2010
 IndexIQ ETF Trust   Various  pdf IndexIQ ETF Trust--Name Changes (pdf)  07/15/2010
 PowerShares ETF Tr 2   Various  pdf UPDATED:  PowerShares ETF Trust 2--Name/Index Changes (pdf)  06/29/2010
 PowerShares ETF Tr   PYH, PIV  pdf PowerShares ETF Trust--Name/Index Changes (pdf)  06/29/2010
 Direxion Shares   Various  pdf Direxion Shares ETFs--Reverse Splits of Certain ETFs (pdf)  06/22/2010
 First Trust   FDV  pdf First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund--Name/Index Change (pdf)  06/17/2010
 iShares   IAU  pdf iShares IAU 10:1 Forward Stock Split Ex Date 06/24/2010 (pdf)  06/11/2010
 ProShares Trusts   Various  pdf ProShares Trusts--Reverse Splits of Certain ETFs (pdf)  04/09/2010
 SPDR Funds   Various  pdf SPDR Series Trust & SPDR Index Shares--Name Changes (pdf)  03/30/2010
 DIAMONDS Trust   DIA  pdf DIAMONDS Trust Series 1 Name and CUSIP Change (pdf)  02/26/2010
 Direxion Shares ETF Tr   EDZ  pdf Direxion Daily Emerging Markets Bear 3X Shares 1-for-10 Reverse Split (pdf)  02/26/2010
 GlobalShares   GSR  pdf GlobalShares FTSE Emerging Markets Fund 5:1 Stock Split (pdf)  02/03/2010
 MidCap SPDR Trust   MDY  pdf MidCap SPDR Trust Name Change (pdf)  01/27/2010
 SPDR Trust   SPY  pdf SPDR Trust Name Change (pdf)  01/27/2010