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2010 Announcements on Delistings

Issuer Name Symbol(s)


 Bank of America  SJV  pdf SJV Called for Redemption (pdf)  12/30/2010
 Various  MJP, BXU  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--12/29/2010 (pdf)  12/29/2010
 Citigroup Funding  EKB, EJW  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--12/22/2010 (pdf)  12/20/2010
 Powershares  Multiple  pdf Powershares Liquidation Payment Date and Rates (pdf)  12/15/2010
 PowerShares  Multiple  pdf REMINDER:  PowerShares Trusts--Liquidation of Certain Funds (pdf)  12/14/2010
 Morgan Stanley  BTQ  pdf Upcoming Suspension--Week of 12/20/2010  12/13/2010
 Various  BGI, IFK  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 12/6/2010 (pdf)  12/07/2010
 Bank of America  SFH  pdf SFH Called for Redemption (pdf)  11/30/2010
 Direxion Shares  TWOL, TWOZ  pdf Direxion Shares Liquidation Record and Payment (pdf)  11/29/2010
 Direxion Shares  TWOL, TWOZ  pdf Direxion Shares--Liquidation of Two ETFs (pdf)  11/24/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 11/22/2010 (pdf)  11/22/2010

 Safety First Trust

 AZP  pdf Upcoming Suspension--11/22/2010 (pdf)  11/15/2010
 Various  Various  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 11/8/2010 (pdf)  11/05/2010
 Various  Various  pdf UPDATED:  Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 10/25/2010 (pdf)  10/25/2010
 PowerShares  Multiple  pdf PowerShares Liquidation Payment Record Date (pdf)  10/22/2010
 Old Mutual  Various  pdf Old Mutual Liquidation Payment Information (pdf)  10/21/2010
 PowerShares  Various  pdf PowerShares Trusts--Liquidation of Certain Funds (pdf)  10/18/2010
 Citigroup Funding Inc.  ESB, ETD  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 10/18/2010 (pdf)    10/18/2010
 iShares Trust  IGW  pdf iShares Trust--Name & Ticker Change/Delisting (pdf)  10/14/2010
 Javelin  JVS  pdf Javelin Exchange-Traded Trust--Liquidation (pdf)  10/14/2010
 Javelin  JVS  pdf Javelin Exchange-Traded Trust--Liquidation Schedule **No Ex Date (pdf)  10/13/2010
 Merrill Lynch  EFS, SFA  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 10/4/2010 (pdf)   10/04/2010
 OOK, Inc/TXF Funds  OOK, TXF  pdf OOK, Inc. and TXF Funds, Inc.--Liquidation Final Payout Amounts (pdf)  10/01/2010
 Old Mutual GlobalShares  Various  pdf Old Mutual GlobalShares Trust--Liquidation (pdf)  09/28/2010
 Bank of America  SHK  pdf Upcoming Suspension--9/30/2010 (pdf)  09/27/2010
 OOK, Inc/TXF Funds  OOK, TXF  pdf UPDATE: OOK, Inc. & TXF Funds, Inc.--BC and LF Indicators/ Liquidation (pdf)  09/23/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 9/20/2010 (pdf)  09/20/2010
 Claymore  Multiple  pdf Claymore Liquidation Payout Amounts **Revised** (pdf)  09/16/2010
 OOK, Inc/TXF Funds  OOK, TXF  pdf OOK, Inc and TXF Funds, Inc--BC Indicator/Liquidation (pdf)  09/15/2010
 Claymore ETF Trusts  Multiple  pdf Claymore ETF Trusts--Liquidation of Certain ETFs (pdf)  09/10/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 8/30/2010 (pdf)  08/30/2010
 Grail Advisors ETF Tr  RFF, RPQ  pdf Grail Advisors ETF Trust--Liquidation of Certain Funds (pdf)  08/25/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 8/23/2010 (pdf)  08/23/2010
 Morgan Stanley  ANG  pdf Upcoming Suspension--8/20/2010 (pdf)  08/16/2010
 Bank of America  SPO  pdf SPO Called for Redemption (pdf)  08/03/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 8/2/2010 (pdf)  08/02/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 7/26/2010 (pdf)  07/26/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 7/19/2010 (pdf)  07/19/2010
 Merrill Lynch  DEV  pdf Upcoming Suspension--7/7/2010 (pdf)  07/06/2010
 Citigroup; Merrill Lynch  Various  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 6/21/2010 (pdf)  06/21/2010
 Morgan Stanley  BOI, MHT  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 6/14/2010 (pdf)  06/14/2010
 Eksportfinans ASA  BON  pdf BON Called for Redemption (pdf)  06/10/2010
 Bank of America  SJP  pdf SJP Called for Redemption (pdf)  06/03/2010
 Bank of America  SYP  pdf SYP Called for Redemption (pdf)  06/02/2010
 Merrill Lynch  SMM, BXA  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 6/1/2010 (pdf)  06/01/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 5/24/2010 (pdf)  05/25/2010
 Eksportfinans ASA  SGO  pdf SGO Called for Redemption (pdf)  05/18/2010
 Merrill Lynch, Citigroup  Various  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 5/3/2010 (pdf)  05/03/2010
 Bank of America  GBN  pdf GBN Called for Redemption (pdf)  04/29/2010
 Claymore ETF Tr 2  SEA  pdf SEA Liquidation (pdf)  04/27/2010
 Various  Various  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 4/26/2010 (pdf)  04/26/2010
 Rydex ETF Trust  Various  pdf Rydex ETF Trust--Liquidation of Certain ETFs (pdf)  04/23/2010
 Various  MIB, EPC  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 4/19/2010 (pdf)  04/19/2010
 Bank of America  SEO  pdf SEO Called for Redemption (pdf)  04/07/2010
 Citigroup Funding  BZZ  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 4/5/2010 (pdf)  04/05/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 3/29/2010 (pdf)  03/29/2010
 Various  SPD, MYX  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 3/22/2010 (pdf)  03/24/2010
 Morgan Stanley  SDG  pdf **UPDATED: Upcoming Suspension--3/20/2010 (pdf)  03/19/2010
 Bank of America  SHR  pdf SHR Called for Redemption (pdf)  03/08/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 3/1/2010 (pdf)  03/01/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 2/22/2010 (pdf)  02/22/2010
 WisdomTree Trust  Multiple  pdf WisdomTree Trust--Liquidation of Certain Funds (pdf)  02/11/2010
 Bank of America  SKC  pdf SKC Called for Redemption (pdf)  02/03/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 2/1/2010 (pdf)  02/02/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 1/25/2010 (pdf)  01/25/2010
 Various  Multiple  pdf Upcoming Suspensions--Week of 1/19/2010 (pdf)  01/19/2010
 Merrill Lynch  GKO  pdf GKO Called for Redemption (pdf)  01/07/2010