NYSE Euronext is offering you the opportunity to send an 18-20 year-old to attend NextGen Bootcamp, a special week-long program at the New York Stock Exchange. The program is designed to provide young adults with a better understanding of the financial markets and the opportunity to visit renowned New York landmarks and business sites. NYSE NextGen Bootcamp has been created to serve as an added benefit to your employee base by providing the chance for one of their children to participate in this exclusive event.

Suggestions for selecting a delegate:

Conduct a contest within your organization to identify potential attendees. The contest will call for employees to encourage their 18-20 year-old children with a minimum GPA of 3.2 and a keen interest in the business world to write a 300-word essay answering the question: "What do you believe are the best traits needed to become tomorrow's great corporate leaders?"


Select a delegate at your own discretion. Please submit his or her name by May 27th to NYSENextGenBootcamp@nyx.com. Once the delegate is approved, they will receive a confirmation package with additional details.

Delegates will gain knowledge in the following areas:

Personal Finance

Financial Markets Overview

Marketing, Advertising and Media Relations

Opportunity includes:


If you have any questions please call 877.THE.NYSE.