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Rotary International and Sanofi Pasteur To Raise Global Awareness For Polio Eradication at NYSE
Ray Klinginsmith, Rotary International President, and Dr. Michael Watson, Vice-President of Global Immunization Policy, Sanofi Pasteur, to Ring the Closing Bell
For Release: 16 Feb 11

Bell Ceremonies at NYX Exchanges in NY, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Portugal


NYSE Façade Lighting with End Polio Message and Photo Opportunity At 5:15pm


On Wed., Feb. 23, executives and guests of Rotary International and vaccine-producer SanofiPasteur will visit the New York Stock Exchange to draw global attention to Rotary’s ongoing effort to eradicate polio. To highlight this special occasion, Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith and Sanofi Pasteur Vice-President of Global Immunization Policy Dr. Michael Watson, will ring the Closing Bell. 


That same evening, the NYSE exterior will be illuminated with Rotary’s End Polio Now message, joining Italy ’s Trevi Fountain, India ’s Charminar monument and other landmarks around the world in a visual public awareness campaign to build support for polio eradication.

Earlier that same day, representatives of the two organizations will also take part in NYSE Euronext bell ceremonies in Lisbon, Portugal; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; and Paris, France.

Rotary International:

Feb. 23 is the 106th anniversary of Rotary, a humanitarian service organization that has been working to eradicate polio since 1988.  Eradicating polio worldwide has been Rotary’s top philanthropic goal for more than two decades. Rotary club members have contributed more than US$1billion and countless volunteer hours to reach more than two billion children in 122 countries with the oral vaccine. Rotary and its partners have made great progress toward eradication, reducing the incidence of polio by more than 99 percent. In 2010, fewer than 1,000 polio cases were reported worldwide, down from 350,000 cases annually in the late 1980s. Even though the disease is today endemic to only four countries -- India  , Nigeria , Afghanistan , and Pakistan -- children everywhere remain at risk as long as polio exists anywhere in the world. In response to a $355 million challenge grant awarded to Rotary by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary clubs worldwide are aiming to raise an additional $200 million by 2012. The organization has already raised more than $160 million toward that goal.

Sanofi-aventis (NYSE: SNY)


Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of the Sanofi-aventis Group, is the world’s largest company focused entirely on human vaccines. Sanofi Pasteur has played a major role in the effort to push polio to the brink of eradication by supplying oral polio vaccine to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, of which Rotary is a spearheading partner, along with the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and UNICEF.

Sanofi-aventis is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, ranking number one in Europe. In the U.S., which is the fastest growing market region for the company, sanofi-aventies currently ranks among the top five pharmaceutical companies.

Sanofi-aventis is listed in Paris (NYSE EURONEXT: SAN) and in New York (NYSE: SNY).


Wed., Feb. 23, 2011/Security Checkpoint (tent) at Exchange Place & Broad Street

3:30 p.m.           Media escorted into the building for bell ringing

4:00 p.m.           The Closing Bell rings

5:15 p.m.          NYSE Façade Lighting with “End Polio” Message


Media interested in covering the bell ringing MUST contact Christiaan Brakman at 212.656.2094 or 


Photos available via Associated Press/New York (212.621.1902), Reuters America (646.223.6285) and Bloomberg Photo (212.617.3420).


The Closing Bell (starting at 3:55p.m.) feed is available via Ascent loop #4009. Media seeking footage via The Switch should contact NYSE Broadcast at 212.656.5483.


Polio immunization b-roll and photos are available at



A live webcast of The Closing Bell (beginning at 3:55 pm) will be available on the homepage of