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The NYSE International 100 Index tracks the largest 100 non-U.S. common stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange. As of year-end 2004, the companies represented have a combined market capitalization (float-adjusted) of $4.3 trillion. Together they represent over one-quarter of the total market capitalization of all common stocks listed on the NYSE.

The NYSE International 100 Index is comprised of non-U.S. stocks listed on the NYSE in the form of ADRs. ADRs are certificates representing home market securities and provide U.S. investors with a convenient way to invest in non-U.S. securities without leaving the country. The NYSE International 100 Index is an ideal benchmark for U.S. institutional investors who are restricted from purchasing foreign stocks, and for those who choose to use ADRs to obtain international diversification. The NYSE International 100 offers exposure to 18 countries and its components are well diversified across all economic sectors.