NYSE Euronext 2009 CEO Report Roundtable

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"Managing During Economic Turbulence"
Three CEOs discuss the current state of the economy

This CEO roundtable for NYSE Euronext’s 2009 CEO report was moderated by Jeff Resnick of Opinion Research Corporation. Each year the report looks at issues and challenges CEOs face as they chart the future course for their companies. This year’s report is the fourth annual CEO study and is titled “Managing During Economic Turbulence” – a theme that encompasses many of the challenges CEOs face today. The report addresses a number of key issues like:

  • Where does corporate growth lie?
  • What risks and stumbling blocks could threaten revenues and profits?
  • How do you perceive the U.S. economy going forward?
  • What advice would you offer the next US President?

Please join us in hearing what Daniel Amos, Chairman & CEO of Aflac Incorporated (NYSE: AFL ), Trudy F. Sullivan, President & CEO of The Talbots, Inc. (NYSE: TLB ) and Leigh Abrams, CEO of Drew Industries Incorporated (NYSE: DW ) have to say.

Learn more about these companies directly from the leaders who power them! See below for individual interviews with each.

Daniel Amos, Chairman & CEO
Aflac Incorporated (NYSE: AFL )
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Trudy F. Sullivan, President & CEO
The Talbots, Inc. (NYSE: TLB )
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Leigh Abrams, CEO
Drew Industries Incorporated (NYSE: DW )
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Hear what all three think
about the report results
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